Global Alternative Tourism Network

Global Alternative Tourism Network or GATN is initiated by the Asia and the Pacific Alliance of YMCAs (APAY)
It is a community-based initiative anchored within concepts of fair trade and global citizenship.
The goal is to have a fun and meaningful travel while countering the negative effects of consumerist mass tourism.

How GATN Works?

Interested to join a GATN Program? Here are the three quick and easy steps to follow:


Create your ideal alternative tourism by identifying the different activities that you are interested in.


Find the network that offers the kind of activity you would like to have and connect with them to discuss possible program.


Once connected, you can now work together and customize the program together with the host.


context of global tourism

The Global Context of Tourism

Find out how big the tourism industry is becoming and why there is a need for an alternative tourism.

GATN stories

Share Your Story

We know you've got stories to share from your GATN Journey. Send them now and inspire the world, one story at a time.

ymca and alternative tourism

YMCA and Alternative Tourism

Learn more why Alternative Tourism matters to the YMCA and how the YMCA can affect change on this.