Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is GATN?
    GATN or Global Alternative Tourism Network is a network of YMCAs that offers alternative tourism. It is an initiative of the Asia and the Pacific Alliance of YMCAs that aim to promote a different kind of tourism in order to, still, have the fun and meaningful tour while providing mutual benefits between the host community and the visitors. To know more about it, please visit About GATN.

  • Is GATN for me?
    GATN is for everyone. We do not discriminate in this program, instead, we try to be as inclusive as possible. Several activities are offered in several sites, thus, there is a wonderful activity for every one. In fact, we are highly encouraging people who are interested to go on tour to shift to alternative tourism, as it provides not only a wonderful opportunity to travel but to also contribute to the local community's development.

  • Since GATN will help the community, will it be more expensive for the traveller?
    It is a common misconception that the GATN will require more expenses but no, it will not. The GATN is anchored on its fair trade value, hence, we try our best to make it economically viable both for the travellers and the local hosts. What can be assured is that what you will get from the program is the value that you paid for. Again, it is a fair deal.

  • Does Alternative Tourism means that I would not visit the beautiful "must-see" places?
    Joining a GATN program doesn't necessarily mean that "must-see" places will not be seen. The places to be visited and the activities to be conducted will be agreed upon by both the host community and the visitors. The visitors can still visit the "must-see" places but what the GATN will be offering is a deeper sense of understanding on the issues and matters affecting the place.

  • How long should the GATN program be?
    The legth of the progam depends on the discussion of the local hosts and the visitor.