GATN Site Sampling

Site Sampling: Malaysia

Aimed at developing the quality of programs, the Asia and Pacific Alliance of YMCAs conducted its first GATN Site Sampling in Malaysia on 19-26 July 2017

Managers Training

GATN Managers Training

Dedicated for continuous improvement and development, the 4th GATN Managers Meeting was conducted in Matara, Sri Lanka.

GATN Site in Pangasinan

Featured Site: Pangasinan

Creating change in a society is not an overnight work; instead, it takes commitment and consistency to continue because you believe in the mission.

Site Feature: Cambodia

Featured Site: Cambodia

School vacation is a time for the students to rest and relax after their hard work in school, but not for the students of Taichung YMCA. Instead, school vacation is their opportunity for International Volunteer Service Program.

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