Cultural Show
Enjoy the Cultural Show that showcase the rich and diverse culture of Malaysia

Sports with People with Disabilities
Know more about how sports empower people and be inspired with how PWDs enagage in sports

Kuala Lumpur Heritage Walk
Know more about the history and heritage of Kuala Lumpur in this Heritage Walk

Walk with Nature
Educate yourself about the nature in the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia and see the wonders of "crown-shyness"


Visit an Organic Oyster Farm
Experience life in an organic oyster farm and learn more about the importance of mangroves

Visit a Refugee School
Enjoy a fun time with the children in the Rohingyan Refugee School and be inspired by the energy of the kids

Visit an Organic Rice Farm
Kedah YMCA is the "rice bowl of Malaysia"; See and experience why organic farming should be our way of life

Visit an Old Archeological Site
See and wonder through the Archeological Site which is said to be older than Angkor Wat in Cambodia.


Homestay with a Malay Family
Experience the hospitality and rich culture of Malay by living with the locals and experiencing life with them

Learn About Photography
Full of picturesque site, Penang gladly offers an opportunity to learn and to capture great photos

Know More About Rubber Tapping
One of the main industry in Malaysia, learn more about what rubber tapping is and how it is done.