The GATN CHANGE Principles

The CHANGE Principle lists the folllowing as the features of the YMCA Alternative Tourism experience:

Reflect Community Based Tourism Values through community participation in Alternative Tourism programmes
Understand and help address the Economic, Political, Social, Cultural needs of the community
Empower the community towards sustainability
Promote and consuming local products
Ensure benefits remain in the community to ensures that the benefits remain in the community
Protect the dignity and rights of the communities
Pursue reasonable policies for the benefit of the communities
Promote local networking

Holistic in Approach
Challenge tourists with experiences for developing Body, Mind & Spirit
Values based on understanding and serving others
Appreciate local culture, values and wisdom
Learn to care for each other whether visitors or hosts
Create innovative & learning tour programmes

Advocates global citizenship and global networking
Multicultural coexistence, interdependence and global solidarity
Promote values of Global Ethics such as: Human Rights, Peace Cooperation, Justice and developmnent
Concerned with challenged communities facing concerns such as HIV_AIDS, interfaith and gender issues
Respond to the call for unity implicit in the YMCA motto:"That they all may be One"

Nature Sensitive
Environmentally responsible, and ensure low environmental impact and ecologically sustainable outcomes
Understand ecological issues of the visited community
Build awareness among turist during the programmes such as Natural Resource conservation

Gender and Child Sensitive
Build awareness among tourists for gender just and cild protective
Empower youth and women

Economic Viability
Provide affordable and competitive programmes to tourists
Ensure sustainable and income generative outcomes for communities
Develop volunteer and philantrophic resources
Promote ethical consumption of local products and services
Optimize utilization of YMCA resources
Coordinate promotions and sharing of best practice within the global networks of YMCAs and ecumenical communities